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The BISON Scholarship Fund
Founded in 1995, the Buffalo Inner-city Scholarship Opportunity Network, the BISON Fund, is a privately funded scholarship program for low-income children living in the city of Buffalo. BISON is designed to give parents a full range of choices about their children's education. Families awarded a BISON scholarship will be able to enroll their child in a private school of their choice in the Buffalo area.

The BISON Scholarship Fund, Inc.
P.O. Box 1134
Buffalo, NY 14205


Schools outside of the area accepting students from South Buffalo.

Global Concepts Charter School
1001 Ridge Road
Lackawanna, NY 14218
Phone: (716) 824-4912

Our Lady Of Victory School
2760 South Park Ave.
Lackawanna, NY 14218
Phone: (716) 828-9434

Buffalo Public Schools
713 City Hall Buffalo, New York 14202
Main: (716) 851-3500

Buffalo Public Elementary Schools


Triangle Academy
1515 South Park Ave
Buffalo, NY 14220
Phone: (716) 816-4777

Hillery Park Academy
73 Pawnee Pky
Buffalo, NY 14210
Phone: (716) 816-4770

Bilingual Center
157 Elk St
Buffalo, NY 14210
Phone: (716) 816-4783

Discovery School
911 Abbott Rd,
Buffalo, NY 14220 
Phone: (716) 816-4922

Lorraine Academy
71 Lorraine Ave,
Buffalo, NY 14220 
Phone: (716) 816-4809

Southside Elementary School
430 Southside Pkwy,
Buffalo, NY 14210 
Phone: (716) 816-4818

South Park High School
155 Southside Pkwy,
Buffalo, NY 14220 
Phone: (716) 828-4828

Private Education


St Ambrose School
260 Okell St,
Buffalo, NY 14220 
Phone: (716) 824-6360

St Martin's School
1125 Abbott Rd,
Buffalo, NY 14220 
Phone: (716) 824-0726

NEW school listing
Trinity Catholic Academy
16 Hayden Street
Buffalo, NY 14210-1864

St. Thomas Aquinas School
20 Athol Street
Buffalo, NY 14220-1715
Phone: (716)824-5046

If there’s a South Buffalo school not listed or if you would like to promote what your school is doing, send an email

Bishop Timon - St. Jude
(all boy catholic/private High School)
601 Mckinley Pkwy,
Buffalo, NY 14220 
Phone: (716) 826-3610

Mt Mercy Academy
(all girl catholic/private High School)
88 Red Jacket Pkwy,
Buffalo, NY 14220 
Phone: (716) 825-8796



South Buffalo Charter School
2219 South Park Ave.
Buffalo, NY 14220
(716) 826-7213