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The Skyway vs. the rest of Buffalo

There's much hype and political propaganda about the idea of tearing the Skyway down. Politicians are using the idea as campaigning stepping-stones for themselves or others. In my thinking, it's but one roadway in the City, and I wondered much about the rest of the streets around Buffalo. Or even just my area of South Buffalo.

I can't see the investing of billions of dollars to take care of perfectly good piece of infrastructure as the streets throughout the City of Buffalo continue to be neglected over the years. My fight for Seneca Street is just the tip of the iceberg, you could say. For anyone, even the politicians who want the skyway torn down, I ask that you take a good, long look around your own neighborhood and consider which would be a more benefiting priority.... the Skyway or the rest of the City of Buffalo?

Would taking down one perfectly sound bridge help the city more than the fixing of our streets first?

While these pictures aren't all, it's a good enough example in asking our elected leaders to take priority over the areas of which they are elected into. I'm sharing with you the neighborhood in South Buffalo, from Indian Church to Mineral Springs, and from Frank St. to North Legion (without reposting any pictures of Seneca Street, which is parallel with Frank & N. Legion)

From your own neighborhood or looking at these pictures, I wonder what part of infrastructure is really more important to a political agenda on "commitment to the City" and "working together with the people of Buffalo"... And providing our city with the best possible services to the neighborhoods, all of the neighborhoods, not just the areas that would help a congressman get re-elected.

Imagine having no skyway, but the same neglected streets which get worse after every winter.

How much federal money would it take to redo every street in the city first before thinking of spending all of taxes on just one road?