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Two months into the new year and the conclusion has been made, 2007 ended with yet another broken promise for Seneca Street

Erie County Legislator Tim Kennedy made the announcement while along with City of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown at a community forum of Block Club leaders in South Buffalo.

Speaking on behalf of Congressman Brian Higgins, Assemblyman Mark Schroeder and Councilman Mickey Kearns, Kennedy said this past summer that $300,000 in funding would be used to replace the old street lights, it was said we would have “something better” than the standard street lights. It was said this part was the final phase to the revitalization of Seneca Street, yet the first phase from 3 years ago hasn’t begun.

Today, as we did on that warm day back in May, we have the same rusted up & “Mickey Mouse wired” street lights as before. Below are just a few of pictures that tell the real story of the “quick fix” being done.

The date: Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Erie County Legislator Tim Kennedy spoke on behalf of our elected leaders, within his 4 minute speech this is what he said:

"…Fact of the matter is, the money needs to be in place. And we were able to secure hundreds of thousands of dollars; I don't know the exact numbers from Congressman Brian Higgins. Mark Schroeder was able to secure funding from the state, the county has a tendency of not coming into the City of Buffalo with their finances, hopefully when we get a county executive elected from the City of Buffalo that's going to change, but until that happens we'll put that on hold. But for the time being, there was one more step that needed to happen and the funding for Seneca Street development to surpass one million dollars that was $300,000 allocated from the City of Buffalo. That money is going to go to a specific piece of the revitalization of Seneca Street into the light standards on Seneca Street. Now when you talk about $300,000 and you think of light standards, we could have got the typical light standards that you see all over the City, or we could have gotten something a little bit better, a little more unique, and that cost over $300,000. But because of this Mayor's dedication to this project, and because of the work of Congressman Brian Higgins, Assemblyman Mark Schroeder, and Councilmember Mickey Kearns working together this Mayor saw there was a viable project in the City of Buffalo that demanded attention and demanding commitment from his administration and that came in the form of $300,000. Thank you very much (to Mayor Brown) it's a huge piece of that project."

Click here to see what else the “Seneca Street Redevelopment” Project has lacking.

That was then, this is now. We have to ask ourselves “is this is really what $300,000 will bring to Seneca Street?” (before, during & after)

Here are a few additional pictures